Polish Cinema

We are again partnering with the Polish Cultural Council (PCC). They again have helped us bring five exceptional films to Pittsburgh. The titles are: The Girl From the Wardrobe, an opening night film at Regent Square (the film’s up-and-coming director Bodo Kox will present his film in person); Lasting; The Closed Circuit; Loving; and Papusza. The PCC will also host a special party (tickets: $15), November 14 at Melwood with director Ryszard Bugajski and actress Maria Mamona, from The Closed Circuit. We are grateful to PCC’s members, staff, and film committee for their assistance. Founded 75 years ago to foster coordination among the Polish fraternal, social and religious organizations, part of the Polish Cultural Council’s mission is to showcase Polish arts and sciences in western PA. For more information contact: www.polishculturalcouncil.org.