All tickets are available in advance through up until two hours before showtime.
Remaining tickets will be sold and Six-Pack admissions accepted at the door one half-hour before showtime.

All Opening Night films, includes gala party at 477 Melwood: $15.
Gala Party Admission: $10 at the door

Single ticket for regular films: $9 thru; $10 at the door.
Children’s tickets (under 12): $5.

Most microcinema programs: $5.
“The Nightingale Presents” microcinema, includes brunch: $10.

Special Event
“The Closed Circuit” (Nov. 14 screening) with party: $15.

Closing Night film, includes outdoor reception: $15.

Six-pack Pass (good for six regular films): $50.
The Six-Pack Pass is $50 (good for six regular admissions, not special events).
Six-pack passes can be purchased at all three theaters, or at Filmmakers offices in Oakland, during regular business hours.
Six-Pack Passes are not available through ShowClix.

Please note: No phone orders are being taken at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.