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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

South Africa | Justin Chadwick | 2013 | 143 min

Acclaimed British actor Idris Elba (The Wire, Pacific Rim) plays the legendary South African freedom fighter in this rousing adaptation of Mandela’s autobiography.

Moon Man

France | Stephan Schesch | 2012 | 95 min

In this refreshingly whimsical animated tale, a bored Moon Man hitches a ride to Earth on the tails of a passing comet and starts to explore the fantastical creatures and sights of a new planet.

Morning Star

France | Sophia Blondy | 2012 | 98 min

Starring Denis Lavant (Holy Motors), and musician Iggy Pop (Lust for Life) this wildly original film is set at a circus by the sea, where the wind is cold and the audience scarce.

Mortal Remains

Director Christian Stavrakis is scheduled to attend.

USA | Christian Stavrakis, Mark Ricche | 2012 | 95 min

Filmed in Pittsburgh, this docu-thriller focuses on the life, brief career, and mysterious death of Maryland filmmaker Karl Atticus – otherwise known as “godfather of the slasher film.”

My Neighbor Totoro

Japan | Hayao Miyazaki | 1988 | 86 min

The late Roger Ebert called this enchanting film “one of the five best movies ever made for children.”

Co-presented with the Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival.