He Who Gets Slapped

Closing Night Film

He Who Gets Slapped

With live score by The Alloy Orchestra

Sat, Nov 23 - 8:00pm
Regent Square Theater

Country: USA
Director: Victor Sjöström

This silent rarely screened melodrama helped boost the careers of Lon Chaney, John Gilbert and Norma Shearer. Swedish-born director Victor Sjöström’s adaptation of Leonid Andreyev’s celebrated play tells the story of a brilliant scientist who is publicly humiliated by his wife and her lover. He goes to Paris and becomes the star attraction in a circus, as a clown whose popular act is based on being repeatedly slapped. This powerful tale of social vanity and moral corruption, is made more thrilling with a live original score by the Alloy Orchestra. (1924; 80 min)

Followed by Closing Night Party with libations, outdoor grilling & cannoli filling!