jORGONEson presents...


jORGONEson presents...

Irma Freeman Center for Imagination

Thu, Nov 21 - 7:30pm
Irma Freeman Center for Imagination

Originally founded in 1993 by Jeff Armstrong, Michael Johnsen and Greg Pierce, Orgone Cinema, a break-even motion picture exhibition group in Pittsburgh, held unique monthly shows of home movies, industrial, educational, experimental, and documentary films, light and sound performances, and visiting film and video makers. From 2000 to 2010, jefferson presents... (Adam Abrams, Gordon Nelson, and Jim Mueller) screened hundred of works, plundered the holdings of numerous co-ops, film distribution schemes, private archives, garages, and dumpsters, and leavened this mostly experimental fare with a healthy amount of locally-produced work, traveling filmmakers, and guest curators. For this event Pittsburgh-based artists Adam Abrams and Greg Pierce team up to bring you an amazing evening of smaller gauge cinema projected directly from that wonder of living celluloid, that thin ribbon of dreams, actual film!

Screening will be held at the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination.

Irma Freeman Center for Imagination
5006 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224


Unknown’s ENEMA MEDLEY (1960-64?) color and b/w, silent, 20 min
George and Mike Kuchar’s ANITA NEEDS ME (1963) color, sound, 16 min.
Jack Smith’s JUNGLE ISLAND (1967) color, sound, 20 min
Charles Henri Ford’s POEM POSTERS (1967) color, silent, 24 min
Tom Chomont’s 16MM COMPILATION: PART 1 (1967-71) color, silent, 24 min.includes OPHELIA/THE CAT LADY (1969) 3 min., LOVE OBJECTS (1971) 11 min., THE MIRROR GARDEN (1967) 4 min., EPILOGUE/SIAM (1969) 6 min.
Takashi Ito’s SPACY (1981) color and b/w, sound, 10 min.
Manuel DeLanda’s JUDGEMENT DAY (1983) color, sound, 8 min.
Ernie Gehr’s PRECARIOUS GARDEN (2004) color, silent, 13.5 min.
Larry Jordan’s SOLAR SIGHT I (2011) color, sound, 15 min.
Rose Lowder’s SOUS LE SOLEIL (2011) color, sound, 3 min.
Rose Lowder’s SOURCES (2012) color, sound, 5 min.